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Whether you want to work out from home or the gym, want to lose, maintain or gain weight, or looking to supplement your existing program, I have the perfect workout program for you. I am working hard to release more programs so be sure to follow me on social media to know when a new program is out.

Build, lose fat, tone, or maintain your body with me.

Abs Program

Tone and Build is an 8-week full-body program with a major focus on the abs.


Nutrition Guide

An all-in-one guide to nutritional information and 15+ meal ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are available?

You can pay using mobile money and visa. Simply select a program, add it to the cart, checkout, and place the order. Select your preferred payment option and authorize payment.

How do I access the program?

After purchasing the program at the price set, you will be given access to a download link for the program.

Do I have to be advanced to use your program?

No. The programs are open to anyone whether beginner or advanced looking to lose, gain or maintain their weight.

How will I know how to execute the exercises?

The programs have demonstration videos linked to the exercises. Simply click on the exercise and you will be redirected to the demonstration video on Youtube.

Will I Lose Fat?

As long as you are on or maintain a caloric deficit(eating fewer calories than you burn) while doing the programs, you will burn fat.

How do I get a personalized program from you?

To get a program specific for you, simply fill in the form below and I will be in touch. Please note that this will be at an extra charge.

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About Me

Who is Doryn Shapes?

Hi, I am a fitness trainer, influencer, and statistician. It is my goal to inspire and encourage thousands of people to care for their health and bodies through fitness and nutrition. I offer fitness programs, training, and boot camp classes aimed to help people achieve their fitness goals.

My mission is to enhance the quality of life in communities through my fitness programs, classes, and products, and to empower people through exercises and wellness activities that promote long-life fitness, healthy habits, and family unity.